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Executive Committee

Ms. Sharon Bonney
Executive Director

Mr. Tom Nash
President (2015–2017)

Ms. Kaye Sharbono
President Elect (2015–2017)

Mr. Andy Tyskiewicz
Past President and Nominations/Elections Chair (2015–2017)


Ms. Jody Angelone
Vice President for Membership (2016–2019)

Dr. Don Finn
Secretary (2015–2016)

Ms. Polly Smith
Public Policy Chair & Treasurer (2015–2017)


Ms. Deb Bomaster
Region 1 (2014–2017)

Ms. Tracy Noles
Region 2 (2016

Ms. Danielle Miles
Region 3 (2014–2017)

Ms. Sara Gutting
Region 4 (2016–2019)

Ms. Kim Olson
Region 5 (2014–2017)

Mr. Martin Loa
Region 6 (2016–2019)

Ms. Rhea Watson
Region 7 (2015–2018)

Ms. Branka Marceta
Region 8 (2015–2018)

Committee Members


Ms. Beverly E. Smith
State Director Liaison (2015–2017)


Ms. Julie Kornahrens
Awards, Incentive Grants, and Scholarships (2013-2017)

Ms. Amy D. Rose
Co-Editor COABE Journal

Mr. Hector Martinez
Technology Chair (2015-2017)

Mr. Bob Weng
Historian (2014-2017)

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