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You or someone you know could qualify for COABE’s prestigious national-level awards. State associations and large group members are encouraged to nominate state-wide winners for COABE awards. COABE members can apply or nominate individuals for awards, incentive grants, and scholarships by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Outstanding Administrator of the Year

Outstanding Adult Learner of the Year

Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Incentive Grant

Scholarship Award

Applications are due by January 31, 2015, and winners and their nominators will be honored at the national conference in Denver, Colorado on April 21-24, 2015.


Award Recipients Receive:

• $1,650 financial award (includes transportation and hotel accommodations).

• Recognition at the annual COABE national conference during the awards banquet.

Successful Nominators Recieive:

• Complimentary conference registration for the annual COABE national conference where the award is presented.


Incentive Grants

Incentive Grant Recipients Receive:

• $1,500 financial award.

• $750 travel stipend to present on project at the annual COABE national conference.



Scholarship Recipients Receive:

• $2,000 financial award.


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National Awards, Incentive Grants, and Scholarships

J u l i e  K o r n a h r e n s , 
A w a r d s  C h a i r

Dear COABE members, 

I am delighted to share that COABE gives prestigious, national-level awards annually! If you know someone outstanding in the field of adult education, please be sure to submit your nomination today (note: self-nominations for awards will not be accepted). 

Winners receive $1,000, plus a travel stipend to attend the COABE 2015 conference, where they will be honored at a special awards event, on Wednesday, April 22nd. Winner and their nominators receive complimentary registration to attend the conference, as well! Nominations in the following categories will be accepted:

• Teacher of the Year
• Administrator of the Year
• Student of the Year

COABE also offers scholarships, valued at $2,000, and incentive grants, valued at $2,500, to promote professional development and best practices. All members with current dues may apply for a scholarship or incentive grant. If you are not sure if your membership is current, please contact

All  nominations and applications must be received by January 31, 2015, and late submissions will not be accepted. Click here for more details.

We look forward to reviewing all the great submissions that will be sent in!

Julie Kornahrens
COABE Awards Chair


Description of COABE Awards

The Adult Learner of the Year Award is provided to a learner who has demonstrated leadership within the formal or non-traditional learning environments.  This award is given to a student who has overcome difficult circumstances to pursue adult learning, who has supported other adult learners, and who has managed significant adult responsibilities such as those related to employment, family or community.

The Outstanding Teacher of the Year, Edgar M. Easley Award is provided to a practitioner with five or more years of adult education teaching experience that participates in school and community activities.  This award is given to an individual who understands the characteristics of the adult learner and who is committed to the adult/continuing education profession.

The Adult Basic Education Administrator of the Year Award is awarded to an adult education administrator with five or more years of experience who has made an outstanding contribution toward fostering the concept of education as a continuing life-process. The awardee must demonstrate a contribution to adult education at the community, state, and/or national levels.


COABE Incentive Grants

COABE provides incentive grants which support activities or projects in the field of adult basic education through the secondary level.  The best practices gained by the incentive grant winners will be archived in an online repository as a resource for the literacy field. The overall purposes of the grants are to promote:

• Field-based, practitioner-developed activities for student/faculty growth
• Program improvement through enhanced curriculum, instruction, assessment, counseling, student services, research/evaluation, or community involvement

Projects that are considered for support may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• In-house video production for orientation, staff development, instructional scenarios
• Mentor teacher or peer coaching training/implementation
• Development and dissemination of innovative instructional materials/techniques, including distance learning activities
• Assessment and evaluation procedures
• Small research projects such as student follow-up studies, classroom research on effective instructional techniques, effect of child care service on attendance, etc.
• Cross cultural training
• Systematic evaluation and training for innovative use of software for specific purposes
• Enhanced guidance activities, student services, student handbooks
• Expanded recruitment/retention strategies
• Development and implementation of student needs assessment
• Development of instructor resources such as handbooks, supplementary materials, abstracted bibliographies or materials evaluation and selection for professional libraries, developing/collecting and cataloging a realia library
• Networking/community linkages


COABE Scholarships

Scholarships from COABE fund, or partially fund, college level courses of study that will advance the professional standing of COABE practitioners.  Examples of scholarships include employees or volunteers in the field of adult basic education earning a degree or a state certificate/credential; obtaining an ESL certificate; teacher/counselor obtaining counselor/administrative credential; earning an advanced degree in adult education.

COABE Awards, Incentive Grants, and Scholarship Archives

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Special thanks to Dollar General for its financial support in sponsoring the COABE awards, incentive grants, and scholarship program!