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COABE Membership Update: October 2018

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COABE VIP Vendor for October 2018

Adult Education and Family Literacy Week 2018

 Left to Right: COABE Executive Director, Sharon Bonney; NASDAE Executive Director, Patricia Tyler; Kaye Sharbono, President: Scott Stump, Assistant Secretary; Reecie Stagnolia, NASDAE Chair, and Cheryl Keenan, OCTAE

Left to Right: COABE Executive Director, Sharon Bonney; NASDAE Executive Director, Patricia Tyler; Kaye Sharbono, President: Scott Stump, Assistant Secretary; Reecie Stagnolia, NASDAE Chair, and Cheryl Keenan, OCTAE

National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week was a resounding success! COABE leadership kicked off the week by meeting with new Assistant Secretary Stump for over an hour, discussing the field of adult education and ways that COABE, NASDAE, and OCTAE can address needs and issues in the field.

Later that evening, COABE's Ambassador Program, which was designed and developed by Regina Suitt, was honored with a Literacy Leadership Award by the National Coalition for Literacy.

The following day, seventy five visits were made to legislators by COABE members who were advocating for adult education. Because this is the first time in recent history that WIOA II received an increase, our members had the opportunity to thank legislators for valuing adult education. Legislative awards were given to Representative Foxx, Representative Bobby Scott, Senator Murphy, Senator Rubio, and Senator Roy Blunt for their leadership during the budget process. Many of the Capitol Hill participants posted pictures on the COABE App and social media which further raised the visibility of this important week!

Did you celebrate Adult Education and Family Literacy Week? Please share your stories with us.


Dear COABE Members,

President Trump just signed the FY 19 Labor-HHS bill which includes funding for adult education. It is first time this bill has been enacted before the end of the fiscal year on September 30th. This bill includes the additional $25 Million our field has been advocating for.

Five of the twelve appropriations bills have now been enacted. The bill signed by the President today also contains the FY 19 Defense appropriations bill and a Continuing Resolution to keep federal agencies yet to be funded open through December 7, 2018.

Congratulations to all who contacted their legislators through our Educate and Elevate campaign on behalf of Adult Education! Your hard work has paid off!

Sharon Bonney, Executive Director

Investing in Adult Education is an Economic Catalyst

Many solutions to the United States' workforce, economic and societal issues lie within one of our nation's greatest untapped resources - adult education.

 Mr. Stagnolia has served as Vice President for Adult Education with the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) since July 2009.

Mr. Stagnolia has served as Vice President for Adult Education with the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) since July 2009.

How do we address America's skill gap? Whether you are an educator, economic or workforce developer or employer, all conversational roads lead to this common, challenging destination.

Workers without a Diploma
As chairman of the National Association of State Directors of Adult Education (NASDAE), I may be a little biased, but I believe a solution to the United States’ workforce and socioeconomic issues lie within using an overlooked resource-adult education. Health issues, incarceration rates, and poverty are impacted by an individual’s highest education level. There may be no better “return on investment” than that made with adult education, particularly when it comes to addressing America’s competitive skills crisis.

High school equivalency (HSE} graduates from our adult education system could solve this crisis. However, there are 24 million working age Americans - 12 percent of the workforce - without a high school diploma. While the number of working-age adults without a high school or equivalency is startling, There are still millions who do possess a high school diploma yet lack the educational skills required to succeed in today's workforce. Post-secondary learning may help high school graduates who require the skills to be successful in collage and career.

COABE Journal

COABE has published a Journal for 40+ years. As a member of COABE, we invite you to access our special Career Pathways edition which features articles by the very best researchers, practitioners, and leaders in the field of Adult Education.

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Contact with any questions. 

Educate and Advocate


Some 55,000+ Adult Education leaders stand united in a national campaign to move learning opportunities forward for all Americans to achieve economic and social mobility. If you are an adult educator, stand with us in this national campaign to help policy makers understand the value we bring to students, workers, and businesses in contributing to social mobility and economic growth.

If we educate, then we elevate.

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