COABE Conference 2017

Thank You So Much!

It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge our wonderful partner, ACE of Florida, who co-hosted the largest COABE conference to date! Led by Valorie Boyd, Executive Director and her dedicated staff (Leigh Ann Clark and Julie Roberts) along with Andrew Jenkins, Board President, ACE of Florida went above and beyond to ensure attendees had a delightful conference experience!

We would also like to acknowledge the many conference volunteers that provided boots on the ground during the conference. The conference committees were led by (Andrew Jenkins, Valorie Boyd, Julie Roberts, Susan Winters, Leigh Ann Clark, Neeta Rancourt, Jeff Arnott, Nyce Daniel, Susan Gluckman, Luis Hernandez, Raphael Valezquez) and put in many hours during the conference!

Thank you ACE of Florida, and the many Floridians who made this such a memorable experience!


Sharon Bonney, Tom Nash, and Kaye Sharbono

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