Employment Bulletin Board

Project Manager


  • Develop monitor and submit appropriate reporting instruments.
  • Prepare monthly financial billing and interim ad hoc reports both internal and external pending specific funding agent.
  • Organize and/or create training courses as specified by the scope of the grant, working with all internal and external partners as necessary to ensure compliance with grant requirements.
  • Work with external entities to develop sound collegial relationships to fulfill grant requirements.
  • Monitor data and reports to ensure compliance with scope of grant requirements.
  • Supervise project staff to ensure smooth operation and adherence to grant requirements.
  • Coordinate and manage day to day tasks necessary to successfully meet project objectives
  • Coordinate development and dissemination of grant related materials, project information, products, and services.
  • Create as necessary and oversee activities to ensure project timelines are set and achieved.
  • Utilize program and student databases for program improvement
  • Interact directly with industry/education partners and finding agency representatives.
  • Work with Office of Grants Management to ensure financial compliance and budget monitoring.
  • Analyze and prepare end of quarter, end of activity reports.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure quality instructional experiences and address training issues and resolve them as they arise.
  • Maintain and monitor budgets and ordering of equipment of all project partners of which there are at least two and for which the total budget is more than $500.000

Family Literacy Lead Teacher

Major Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Provide leadership in the areas of:
    • Adult education
    • Family literacy
    • Recruitment of program participants
    • Family engagement
    • Entry of data and maintenance of records
    • Use of data to evaluate program needs
    • Administration of all required assessments
    • Monitoring participant progress and documenting gains and level completions
    • Professional growth and development.
  2. Develop a Monthly Timeline of expenditures (including salaries, materials, supplies) to ensure that all funds are used by the end of the grant period
  3. Ensure that the program is cost effective and that funds are managed prudently.
  4. Monitor instructional budgets to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed
  5. Coordinate appropriate project teams for program development.
  6. Offer accelerated instruction to each student who meets any of the state "at risk" criteria in order for the student to perform satisfactorily on the state assessment.

Adult Education Family Learning Specialist


The National Center for Families Learning, a private nonprofit organization located in Louisville, KY, is seeking a Family Learning Specialist to provide subject matter expertise in adult education and parent engagement for family literacy programs. Underlying expertise in effective family engagement practices and the ability to create and deliver high-quality professional development are requirements. Experience working with low income, culturally diverse, and/ or American Indian populations is highly desired.

Successful applicants will demonstrate a passion for NCFL's mission to address literacy challenges by engaging all family members in intergenerational learning, with a primary focus on parents and children living in poverty.