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The COABE Journal seeks to be the resource that adult educators turn to for learning and inspiration. Since the COABE Journal started using a theme format - first with Career Pathways and most recently with Prison Literacy - we have seen a tremendous response. Nearly 12,000 readers now download and use the Journal. We hope you will consider sharing your expertise as we begin planning for the October 2019 issue.

The next edition of the COABE Journal will focus on leadership. We will be accepting manuscripts that focus on leadership at all levels including, but not limited to, student leadership, leadership in the classroom, teacher leadership, administrative leadership, leadership in giving, leadership in advocacy and public policy, community leadership, and more!

Click below to submit your manuscript. The deadline for submission was July 15, 2019. Contact journal@coabe.org with questions.

I love the journal and use it all the time in my classroom! I find the COABE journals fascinating, and I use them in my work as they always cover the newest research and adult education issues. I wish they could be published more often!”
— Candace C. Gardner

COABE Journal Special Edition: Prison Literacy

This Prison Literacy edition of The COABE Journal highlights programs, approaches, and professionals who work with adults currently serving or who have served time in correctional settings. These contributions are intended to generate ideas for effectively providing quality and relevant learning opportunities to those who are “behind the walls” and help them improve their experiences once they transition to life “outside the walls.”

The pieces featured in this themed edition constructively contribute to the discussion as COABE continues its mission: to inspire educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. It is my hope that as you read these contributions, you will experience a transformation in your views of the incarcerated and the programs, practices, and policies that effectively serve these adult learners.


About the COABE Journal


COABE Journal: The Resource for Adult Education an open-access journal focused on innovative ideas and practitioner experience that supports the field of adult education.

COABE Journal is organized around themes and published twice a year.  

We are now accepting submission of original papers on issues related to corrections education. Researchers, advocates, administrators, teachers and other practitioners are invited to submit manuscripts to the journal.

We welcome articles on (although not exclusively):

  • Educational innovation

  • Educational strategies

  • Classroom techniques

  • Curriculum design

  • Program development

  • Partnership development

  • Learner engagement

Full details on the editorial criteria, including comprehensive instructions on how to submit a paper, can be found in the author guidelines. Any further inquiries can be directed to the editor at: journal@coabe.org.


COABE Journal: The Resource for Adult Education

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COABE has published a Journal for 40+ years. As a member of COABE, we invite you to access our special Career Pathways edition which features articles by the very best researchers, practitioners, and leaders in the field of Adult Education.

Have you downloaded the "go to" resource that more than 11,000 COABE members have accessed? This is the all new and improved research to practice adult ed journal that is available online to you free of charge. Get your copy today of the special Career Pathways edition of the COABE Journal.

Open Access Archiving Policy

Authors who have published in the COABE Journal may need to meet funder requirements for open access publication.  Below are the stipulations regarding open access archiving of  papers accepted for publication in the COABE Journal

  • You (the authors) are responsible for informing the editors of any funder requirements regarding open access archiving at the time of submission.

  • Once an article has been accepted for publication, you may post the accepted manuscript (version A) of the article on your own personal website, your department’s website or the repository of your institution without any restrictions.

  • You may not post the accepted version (version A) of the article in any repository other than those listed above (i.e. you may not deposit in the repository of another institution or a subject repository) until 12 months after first publication of the article in the journal.

  • You may use the published article (version P) for your own teaching needs or to supply on an individual basis to research colleagues, provided that such supply is not for commercial purposes.

  • You may not post the published article (version P) on any website or in any repository without permission from COABE.

  • When posting or re-using any version of the article after publication, please provide full citation information and a link to the appropriate DOI for the published version of the article if your article has been assigned a DOI.

Funding bodies, policies and compliance
The COABE Journal has a 12-month embargo on archiving in subject repositories. Some funders require research articles which have resulted from their funding to be made open access. Authors who publish in the COABE Journal may comply with these mandates through open access archiving after 12 months. Therefore,  if the funder requires deposit in less than 12 months, then the author(s) will not be able to publish in this Journal.

Funder Agencies' Open Access Mandates
Please check with your funder if there is a mandate to publish your research open access and the criteria for compliance. There are other resources which may also be helpful:


Abstracts of research articles appearing in this journal and its predecessor, Adult Basic Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Adult Literacy Educators, are indexed by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) database: http://www.eric.ed.gov/.