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COABE Journal: The Resource for Adult Education

COABE has published a Journal for 40+ years. As a member of COABE, we invite you to access our special Career Pathways edition which features articles by the very best researchers, practitioners, and leaders in the field of Adult Education.

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About the COABE Journal

Mission / Research / Practice

COABE has been publishing and administering a Journal since 1977. The Journal aims to serve the needs of the adult education field, and enables the field to share their research and best practices. 

Our Mission
The COABE Journal's mission is to provide a forum for sharing research, information, theory, commentary, and practical experiences that will improve the quality of services for adult basic education, literacy, and numeracy learners. These learners are found in publicly funded ABE, ESL, and GED program; volunteer-based literacy programs; community-based literacy programs; family literacy programs; workplace literacy programs; correctional literacy programs; and many other places.

Each issue of the COABE Journal contains several thought-provoking research articles. Each article undergoes a double-blind peer review by three of the journals's consulting editors. Articles address topics of interest to the field, including but not limited to distance learning and technology, English as a second language, instructional strategies and tactics, program improvement, historical research, and policy impact research.

A variety of articles and columns address the needs of practitioners—both instructors and administrators.

  • Practitioner Perspective—articles that share practical experiences/strategies
  • Web Scan—online resources useful to practitioners
  • Research Digest—brief overviews of recent and current research that affects the field
  • Resource Reviews—electronic and print products of use to practitioners
  • Viewpoint—leaders in the field share their thoughts on trends and key happenings that impact adult education

Open Access Archiving Policy

Authors who have published in the COABE Journal may need to meet funder requirements for open access publication.  Below are the stipulations regarding open access archiving of  papers accepted for publication in the COABE Journal

  • You (the authors) are responsible for informing the editors of any funder requirements regarding open access archiving at the time of submission. 
  • Once an article has been accepted for publication, you may post the accepted manuscript (version A) of the article on your own personal website, your department’s website or the repository of your institution without any restrictions.
  • You may not post the accepted version (version A) of the article in any repository other than those listed above (i.e. you may not deposit in the repository of another institution or a subject repository) until 12 months after first publication of the article in the journal.
  • You may use the published article (version P) for your own teaching needs or to supply on an individual basis to research colleagues, provided that such supply is not for commercial purposes.
  • You may not post the published article (version P) on any website or in any repository without permission from COABE.
  • When posting or re-using any version of the article after publication, please provide full citation information and a link to the appropriate DOI for the published version of the article if your article has been assigned a DOI. 

Funding bodies, policies and compliance
The COABE Journal has a 12-month embargo on archiving in subject repositories. Some funders require research articles which have resulted from their funding to be made open access. Authors who publish in the COABE Journal may comply with these mandates through open access archiving after 12 months. Therefore,  if the funder requires deposit in less than 12 months, then the author(s) will not be able to publish in this Journal.

Funder Agencies' Open Access Mandates
Please check with your funder if there is a mandate to publish your research open access and the criteria for compliance. There are other resources which may also be helpful:


Abstracts of research articles appearing in this journal and its predecessor, Adult Basic Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Adult Literacy Educators, are indexed by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) database: http://www.eric.ed.gov/.