Positive Responses to Educate & Elevate Campaign

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As momentum builds for Educate & Elevate, we continue to receive testimonials and comments about the campaign. Academic & Vocational Coordinator, Lisa-Ann Blanchette from Sanford Community Adult Education, shared this letter from the United States Senator, Angus S. King, Jr. in response to her organization's outreach efforts. You can send an email in three clicks to your legislator at this link. Thank you for sharing Lisa!

Dear Lisa,

I share your belief that adult education programs are a vital part of providing Americans with new opportunity and that they should be supported. Since my time as governor, I have seen firsthand the positive impact that these programs have on individuals, their families, and their communities. Adult learning centers in Maine and across the nation enable adults to gain new skills, which in turn allow them to more fully contribute to the economy while reducing their dependence on assistance programs-a true win-win for everyone involved. You will be pleased to know that I recently joined my colleagues in a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee advocating for continued funding for adult education programs for the fiscal year 2018, which I have attached to this response. 

Thank you for being in touch with me. I will be sure to keep your interest in adult education in mind as I work on education and budget matters that come before the Senate. Please contact me in the future on other issues that I can bring to the Senate's attention.

Best Regards,

United States Senator