Educate & Elevate Campaign: Your Ticket to Supporting Adult Education Funding

Adult education — you know it’s your passion. So share your passion through our national campaign, Educate & Elevate, and join the system of 55,000 adult educators in informing elected officials about the importance of funding adult education.

Here are our three campaign goals:

  1. Create processes for a concerted, collective effort to reach local, state, and federal officials and our communities.
  2. Inform and educate officials about the relevancy of adult education through data, stories, innovations, and key message points.
  3. Make specific requests in support of funding adult education.

How can you, as one adult educator, make a difference to achieve these goals? Our plug-and-play Campaign Toolkit gives you many ways to garner recognition for your local adult education brand while advancing our collective mission to secure funding.

Check out these helpful links to get started:

Have a question or need help? Post it in the Learning Forum and get technical assistance.

Get Students, Colleagues, Family & Friends Involved

Here are three quick strategies to build funding support for adult education with your students, family, and friends.

  1. Share this link with your friends, family, and colleagues to send a ready-made support email to state and federal elected officials. The template automatically finds the right contact based on the zip code submitted.
  2. Share this link with your adult learners/students to send a ready-made support email template to their state and federal elected officials. Students can add their stories, sharing how adult education made a difference in their lives. This template also automatically finds the right contact based on the zip code submitted.
  3. Complete and print copies of this editable postcard to bring to class, and have students sign and mail to your local, state and federal officials.