Using the Mobilization Toolkit to Engage Adult Education Organizations

Last week, adult education state association presidents, state directors, and state leadership attended a live webinar to get up to speed on the Educate & Elevate campaign. Participants were provided a Mobilization Toolkit with strategies to engage their statewide adult education organizations in the campaign.

Here are the top 5 strategies from the Toolkit that can be executed easily.

  1. Ensure that your state-specific web page is correct. The Educate & Elevate website has been expanded with a Locator Map Tool so that legislators can learn more about the adult education innovations taking place within each state. Locate your state’s web page using the Locator Map Tool and make sure that your state’s information is correct. Submit innovations at this link, especially if you do not see any listed on your state’s web page.
  2. If your organization has a website, place the campaign logo and campaign byline noted in the Mobilization Toolkit on your website. Create active links on your website to the campaign’s pre-populated, editable support emails to encourage friends, colleagues, and students to send to legislators.
  3. Make sure all statewide adult education organizations are aware of the Educate & Elevate campaign by sharing the recorded kickoff webinar at this link.
  4. Request that adult education organizations in your state submit both adult learner success stories, as well as employer success stories.
  5. Forward all news found at this link using your email distribution lists to raise awareness and increase promotion.