Educate and Elevate Employment Success  Story Featuring Brevard Adult Education and Career Source Brevard ​​​​​​​

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Brevard Adult Education and Career Source Brevard have a collaborative history of partnering to provide educational training, career pathways, and job opportunities for the community of Brevard County.
Over the last 3 years, Career Source Brevard, Eastern Florida State College, and Brevard Adult Education have joined forces to participate in a WIOA grant piloting their Certified Production Technician program. The program participants earned a CPT industry certification, while concurrently earning a high school diploma. Brevard Adult Education provided the GED® contextual teacher, EFSC provided the CPT teacher, and Career Source Brevard provided employability skills training and scheduled job fairs with local hiring manufacturing companies. Many members (students and local businesses) of the community benefited from this joint effort.

Additionally, Career Source Brevard holds job club meetings on Brevard Adult Education campuses. These programs help youth with educational testing and registration fees. They also provide soft skills training to Brevard Adult Education students and assist them with employment.

Recently, Career Source Brevard, Brevard Adult Education, and local registered apprenticeship programs began exploring opportunities to create an adult pre-apprenticeship program to serve as a pipeline to the regional apprenticeship programs. In this venture partnership, Brevard Adult Education will provide clients and core skill educational training, and Career Source Brevard will rally local businesses in the community to make sure they are meeting the needs of their community and business partners. Again, Brevard Adult Education and Career Source Brevard partnered to address the gap in their community. 

Career Source Brevard and Brevard Adult Education have used tools like COABE's Educate and Elevate to connect with their local legislatures and policymakers to show the direct impact that workforce education has on the economy. "It is great to have a resource like Educate and Elevate where we can readily show our lawmakers the return on investment which they always ask for," says Brevard Adult Education Director Jeff Arnott. "It is also easy for our advocates and partners to share with their constituents as well."

Brevard Adult Education and Career Source Brevard understand the urgency to pull their resources together to best meet the demands of their dynamic society. 

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