Legislative Update: February 2018

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Budget and Appropriations

The continuing resolution now in effect expires in 9 days. The funding situation is quite fluid as negotiators try to finally complete work on FY 2018 funding. Given their recent experience with a government shut down, it is likely that Congress will have to pass another CR of indeterminate length. That will be the fifth CR for FY 18. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), the Senate Majority Whip has been quoted as saying that Congress will need to enact still another CR before it can close the books on FY 2018.

The House will vote on a new CR next Tuesday, although reports are circulating that so-called "defense hawks" and the conservative House Freedom Caucus are threatening to vote against the bill, the former because it won't provide an increase in defense spending, and the latter because they want the House to vote on a conservative immigration proposal. If both groups persist in their opposition, and if Democrats continue to vote en masse against the CR because it doesn't contain a DACA fix, the government would close down.