Legislative Alert: February 8, 2018


The House of Representatives passed a fifth Continuing Resolution to avoid a shutdown at midnight February 8 and fund the government through March 23. The bill passed by a vote of 245-182. It provides for an increase in defense spending while freezing non-defense discretionary programs at current levels. The Senate is expected to rewrite the bill and attach a bipartisan agreement to raise the budget caps and add $80 billion a year for defense and $63 billion a year for non-defense spending for a total of $286 billion over the two fiscal years FY 2018 and FY 2019.  The Senate will then send the revised bill back to the House. The new funding is only partially offset by some cuts to mandatory programs that both the Obama and Trump Administrations had proposed. These cuts also include reduced funding for the health care prevention fund, among other offsets.      

If Congress votes to approve this bill, the Appropriations Committees will need time to rewrite their bills. Whether that can be achieved by March 23 remains to be seen.

Regardless of the outcome, we need to continue, especially at this time, to let our legislators know that Adult Education must be funded. Please take five minutes and click the "Take Action" button below.