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Ms. Kim Olson (2014–2017)

Kim Olson has been the Executive Director for Cornerstones Career Learning Center, Inc. in South Dakota since 1994.  Previous to that she spent times as an Instructor and Education Coordinator of the organization.  She was the Missouri Valley Adult Educator and the South Dakota Adult Educator of the year in 2000.  She is the longest continually active board member of the South Dakota Association for Lifelong Learning, filling every administrative position since 1995.  Kim is a professional educator, administrator, GED Examiner, and trainer.  She is a certified teacher with 20 years of teaching and administrative experience in adult education and business and industry training.  She has been a Certified Manager in Program Improvement since 2011.  She led an instructional team in the development of a successful managed enrollment program that she has administered since 2006.  

In addition to her passion for providing avenues for community economic development and participant self-sufficiency and personal success, Kim’s other passion is a busy family that includes a patient, supportive husband; three energetic, young boys; two dogs, numerous fish, two lizards, and a horse.  She enjoys camping, gardening, biking, and participating in the kid’s extracurricular activities.

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