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Ms. Rhea Watson (2015–2018)

Rhea M. Watson is an accomplished community activist and adult education advocate.  She is a literacy trainer working with ELL, ABE, and HSE students under the auspice of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.  Rhea serves approximately 400 students a year and is skilled in recruiting and retaining hard to reach populations among the Adult Education Community. Rhea has trained trainers on the local, state, and national levels and enjoys sharing strategies and tools that help others to reach challenged populations.  As a 2013 COABE Scholarship and Mini Grant Winner, Rhea welcomes projects that require technical writing.  She is hopeful that the position of Regional Representative for Region 7 will allow her to employ these techniques. Rhea has also received many accolades in the fields of psychology and librarianship.  As a result, she is a recipient of multiple grant, scholarship, and leadership awards due to her dedication to underserved populations.

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