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COABE is committed to supporting adult educators by inspiring educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. Our Research To Practice Initiative, which is generously sponsored by Essential Education, supports this mission by focusing on the problems that adult educators face. Over the next year the Research To Practice Initiative will examine solutions to these challenges with articles from the COABE Journal, webinars by adult ed practitioners, and actual lessons ideas shared in the Adult Education Resources shared repository. Please complete this short survey to help us address all of the important common issues that adult educators face.

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COABE Journal Winter 2016 Issue
"Using Research to Design Integrated Education and Training Programs"
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COABE Journal Summer 2016 Issue
"WIOA: Implications for Low-Scoring Adult Learners"
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Integrated Education & Training (IET) is a promising practice based in adult learning theory. Through IET programs, adults seek goal-oriented, relevant, practical knowledge. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) codified an IET definition, and the July 2016 final regulations provide both assurance and incentives for adult educators to design and implement IET which, when paired with a sector focus and support services (+S), rounds out a
powerful career pathway model: IET+S. Review the IET definition and guidance and explore a few of the many adult education programs that have discovered the power of IET and, through a variety of partnerships, have implemented the IET strategy to serve people across the educational functioning level spectrum.


Judy Mortrude, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success; Director, Alliance for Quality Career Pathways

Policy Expertise
Adult education, Postsecondary education

Judy Mortrude is the director of CLASP's Alliance for Quality Career Pathways and a Senior Policy Analyst with the Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success. Judy has more than 30 years of experience in developing, delivering, and evaluating workforce education, particularly with low-literacy and high-barrier populations. Judy has been a classroom teacher, a school administrator, and state agency staff.  She now supports cross agency teams in a variety of states as they scale and sustain integrated education and training career pathway policies and practices, focus attention on racial and economic equity, and build two generational strategies.  In addition, Judy does adult and postsecondary education federal policy work and supports organizations such as the National Coalition for Literacy and the Open Door Collective.


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