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Free Professional Development

We are offering a free, college-level reading skill difficulties course for educators.

Identifying and Remediating Reading Skill Difficulties
in Adult Learners

This is a three hour college-level online course to teach strategies for identifying foundational reading skill difficulties in adult learners and how to quickly improve skills in phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  

By the end of this 5 unit course participants will understand: 

  • The basic components of teaching reading
  • How to diagnose the foundational skill difficulties
  • How processing skill difficulties impacts reading
  • How to diagnose and remediate decoding, comprehension, and fluency difficulties
  • How to design individualized interventions

Adult Education Webinars

Join our upcoming webinar.

"Developing College and Career Readiness With Paired Reading"

DATE: Wednesday, November 29, 2017
TIME: 2:00 p.m. EST


High-interest, paired readings help ESOL learners develop their critical literacy and cross-cultural awareness while expanding their reading strategies-important elements of college and career readiness. 

Participants experience and explore the key steps in creating, preparing, and teaching paired reading lessons. Sample readings and lesson plans provided.

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Featured Webinar

Reading, Writing, and Relationships

Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic—the three R’s—are the traditional building blocks for education. Instruction for life, however, requires additional attention to a fourth R: Relationships. In this session, we will demonstrate how adult educators can read aloud selections from engaging fiction and informative non-fiction sources that deal with relationships. Instructors can model for their adult students how to apply their critical thinking and reading skills as they read aloud; instructors can then lead the class to focus on what makes relationships thriving or dysfunctional. Adult students can reflect and respond in writing to what they have been reading and discussing in class (their written responses do not have to be shared with the instructor unless the students want to). Many texts will be recommended and writing prompts suggested which are bound to result in meaningful discussions in the adult education classroom.



Carrie Colladay Stell Carrie Colladay Stell received her B.A. in Social Studies Education from St. Olaf College in Minnesota and taught 8th grade U.S history for seven years in New Jersey. She then homeschooled her three children from kindergarten through 12th grade. For the past eight years, Carrie has been teaching in adult basic and secondary education classrooms for Grayson College Adult Education and Literacy in Denison, Texas. Recently she became a Certified Manager for Program Improvement through the Leadership Excellence Academy. Carrie considers herself to be a read-aloud evangelist; she has spread the word by presenting at past conferences for the Coalition on Adult Basic Education, ProLiteracy, Literacy Texas, and Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education. Her adult students are her heroes.


The following reading resources can be found on our Adult Educator Resources* website.

"Recommended Read-Aloud Selections, Writing Prompts,
and Additional Activities" 
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"Why, How, and What to Read Aloud to Adults"
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"Reading, Writing, and Relationships - Recommended Read Alouds"
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"More Than Twenty Questions To Ask While Reading" 
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