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This webinar will provide a research-based framework for teachers and tutors to better understand the most effective sequence for teaching students to read. Understanding why sequence matters and being able to pinpoint where students are along their path will allow teachers to more effectively target lessons to focus on the students' current skill level. Components in learning to read include: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.


Kelley Provence has spent over 25 years developing and implementing programming across literacy disciplines. Her work includes: 1. Early literacy community programming for parents and childcare providers (birth-4); 2. In-school pullout programs to remediate elementary school children; 3. Developing academic catch-up programs for ESL students; 4. ABE programming for adults; 5. Family literacy programming focused on teaching parents how to prepare their children (birth-5) to be ready to read and how to help their children build reading fluency (ages 5-13). Work roles include: Executive Director of LVA-Newton County, Executive Director of the Learning Center-Newton County, Principal of Peachtree Academy-Conyers, Academic Director of the Global Village Project-Decatur, Academic Specialist, Teacher and Community Engagement Instructor.

Kelley is a national presenter and presents at COABE, NCFL, and ProLiteracy conferences.


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COABE Journal, Summer 2016
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COABE Journal, Summer 2016
"Reading for Pleasure and Reading Circles for Adult Emergent Readers:
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COABE Journal, Spring 2019
"Importance of Fiction and Storytelling in a Prison Classroom"
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COABE Journal, Spring 2019
"Micronovels: An Elegantly Simple Approach to Strengthening Literacy"
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The following blended-learning resources can be found on our Adult Educator Resources* website.

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