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Core-4 Cyber Future Workforce Education: Preparing Adult Education Students for Careers of the Future

Did you 2019, there will be 6 million job openings for information security professionals—but only 4.5 million security professionals to fill those roles? It is time to bridge the confidence gap. Alamo Colleges has developed the Cyber Core-4 Pathway to help adult education students bridge the confidence gap and complete a suite of 4 CompTIA Certificates in less than a year. Alamo I-BEST started the journey by posing as CompTIA instructors and attending the national conference. Over 50 completed students later, it is time to share the surprising things they learned. Let’s bridge the cyber confidence gap together. Alamo Colleges will share the truths, myths, and best practices.



Melissa Sadler-Nitu is the Integrated Basic Education Skills Training (I-BEST) and Adult Education Director for Alamo Colleges. Alamo I-BEST is an initiative of the District Department of Economic and Workforce Development providing training and employment assistance to incumbent workers and students requiring basic skill development for success in technical training. Through grant writing and braided funding, she has created the system of program delivery. Along with additional partnerships, I-BEST helps to fill the employment gap for high demand occupations. Together they provide the local Workforce Investment Board’s twelve county region with a significant middle skill training opportunities and employer return on investment. Ms. Sadler-Nitu ensures that programs are available in high need areas. Currently Alamo I-BEST is scaled to 2,300 students throughout Alamo Colleges a 95,000 total student population.


Core-4 Cyber Future Workforce Education webinar sponsored by BurlingtonEnglish

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