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COABE is committed to supporting adult educators by inspiring educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. Our Research To Practice Initiative, which is generously sponsored by Essential Education, supports this mission by focusing on the problems that adult educators face. Over the next year the Research To Practice Initiative will examine solutions to these challenges with articles from the COABE Journal, webinars by adult ed practitioners, and actual lessons ideas shared in the Adult Education Resources shared repository. Please complete this short survey to help us address all of the important common issues that adult educators face.

Research to Practice Initiative


COABE Journal Articles

COABE Journal Spring 2017 Issue
Problem Posing and Problem Solving in a Math Teachers' Circle" (Read the Article)
COABE Journal Spring 2017 Issue

"Stepping Over the Line: Applying the Theories of Adult Learning in a GED ® Prep  Math Class" (Read the Article)

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Featured Webinar

Making Difficult Math Concepts Simple

Math is a subject that is very challenging to many students. This presentation will show how to teach difficult math concepts while building students’ confidence and making them feel comfortable learning each concept.

Presented by: Anthony Chan

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Exploring Algebraic thinking in a teachers' circle

DATE: JULY 17, 2017

The New York City-based Community of Adult Math Instructors (CAMI) will share their process of starting a citywide math teachers’ circle to collaborate with other teachers and expand their knowledge of mathematics. We believe in the power of teachers doing math together to make connections between learning and teaching. Participants will engage in an inquiry-based process of algebraic thinking through use of visual patterns and multiple strategies for problem solving, including drawing, different ways of seeing, making charts/tables, and making predictions using rules. Teachers and learners with all levels of mathematics knowledge are encouraged to attend.



DATE: JULY 24, 2017

Do your students struggle with fractions? Do you find students asking to be shown the steps “just one more time?" In this workshop we will explore some of the gaps that adult students often have in their foundational number sense around fractions and look at some activities and strategies for helping students develop this number sense so that they can reason and make sense of fractions and fraction procedures.

Mathematical Modeling: Questions from a Math Teachers' Circle

Math Practices for ESOL Teachers

Math Hacks - Instructional Strategies for Improved Mathematical Reasoning

Orienting to the Numeracy Needs of Adult ELLs

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