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Dear Association Leadership,

Thank you for your extremely useful feedback during our strategic planning process; as a result COABE has many new and exciting initiatives! One such initiative is COABE's hosting of our first Capitol Hill Days in 2016. Please note there are NEW DATE for this event: September 28, 2016

With special thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, one board member representative from each of COABE's large group members will receive one FREE all-expense paid ticket to attend this event. We hope you will plan to join us as we raise the voice of adult education!

Please contact our Executive Director, Sharon Bonney ( with this information.

We will be sending out more information to let you know how you can best prepare for the Capitol Hill Days and we will also have preparatory webinars as well.

As you prepare for Capitol Hill Day, feel free to gather student success stories, letters, and/or videos that can be sent to your legislator prior to the Capitol Hill visit. Legislators also appreciate solid quantitative data, so if you have access to that information, that would be helpful as well.  Click here for instructions on contacting your legislator.

We hope you or a member of your board will plan to join us!

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  • Co-hosted 15 national conferences around the country
    • 14 national level strand partners
  • Co-hosted 15 regional institutes
  • 13,000+ members strong, and growing
    • 40 state association partners
    • 12 VIP Vendor Partners

Why Join COABE

  • National recognition at the local and state level raises professionalism, visibility, and equal standing in education–practitioners locally are on par with other educators in their region
  • Extensive membership benefits for individuals and group members 

State Association Membership

  • 50 members= $24 per member versus $2,250 at individual rate
  • 100 members = $12 per member versus $4,500 at individual rate
  • 200 members = $6 per member versus $9,000 at individual rate
  • 300 members = $4 per member versus $13,500 at individual rate
  • 400 members = $3 per member versus $18,000 at individual rate
  • 500 members = $2.40 per member versus $22,500 at individual rate
  • 600 members = $2 per member versus $27,000 at individual rate

Who Can Be State Association Members?

  • State associations (34 state associations)
  • State consortia (i.e. Washington state)
  • State professional development organizations (i.e. Rhode Island)
  • State offices (i.e. Iowa)

State Association Benefits

  • State award winners may be nominated for consideration of our national level awards
  • State conference promotion via COABE website, electronic newsletter, and social media
  • List of presenters available for your state conference
  • Co-branded membership building opportunities
  • Membership benefits extended to all individual members at a fraction of the cost (2 for 1)
  • Opportunity to participate in the COABE contact network

NEW additional benefits for states with 50-100 members

  • Co-branded website
  • Co branded communications
  • Co branded membership renewals


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