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Tweet the Facts


Help raise awareness of adult education by tweeting facts from COABE Fact Sheets. Here are some tweets to get started. Cut, paste, and make them your own. To send the tweet to your legislator’s office, “tag” him or her using your legislator’s Twitter handle. For example:


Increase Access to Adult Education

The U.S. lags behind in literacy, numeracy, & using technology to problem-solve. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ #PIAAC #GetTheFacts #AdultEdu

U.S. adults who come from poorly-educated families are 10x's more likely to have low skills. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ #GetTheFacts #AdultEdu

While budget caps were raised for FY2016-17, #AdultEdu funding has not yet been restored to pre-sequester levels: http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/

50 of the 51 states & territories the @ncsdae surveyed reported waiting lists in #AdultEdu. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ #COABE #GetTheFacts

#Edu levels have more of an effect on earnings over a 40-yr span in the workforce than any other demographic factor. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/

1 yr of parental #edu has a greater +impact on the chance of a child going to college than does an extra $50,000 in parental income. #famlit

Better-educated parents raise better-educated, more successful kids who are less likely to end up in poverty/prison. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/

The cost of low health literacy to the U.S. economy is between $106 billion to $238 billion annually. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/   

More than 10M LEP residents – 32% of low-educated adults in the U.S. – lack a HS diploma or its equivalent. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/
Almost 1/2 of all kids & young adults live in low-income homes that are below 200% of the poverty line. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ @CLASP_DC

Adults who get a HS equivalency earn ~$10,000/year more, breaking cycles of poverty & illiteracy. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ #AdultEdu

More than 700,000 incarcerated individuals from federal and state prisons reenter society each year. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/

Forty percent of ex-offenders will be reincarcerated within three years of release. http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ #GetTheFacts #AdultEdu #COABE

Recidivism costs states>$50 billion/yr & takes a traumatic toll on children & families of the incarcerated http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/

Inmates who participate in correctional #edu have a 13% lower chance of recidivating than those who don't: http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ #AdultEdu

The odds of getting a job post-release among inmates who took correctional #edu were 13% higher: http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ #AdultEdu #COABE

Increase access to #AdultEdu programs by providing federal funding at least at #WIOA authorized levels: http://www.coabe.org/public-policy-principles/ #GetTheFacts