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Justice U™ is a new initiative

of the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice®, created for you because being well-equipped is critical to the movement to end human trafficking. COABE is partnering with AFRJ on this important initiative.

Now you can...Build your knowledge and understanding about the issues, so you can act strategically and make lasting change. Justice U brings you a user-friendly online learning site, designed to help every learner build and verify critical knowledge and skills to end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable. 

Earn badges and digital certifications...Visit the new site at: justiceu.engagetogether.com

Here is how to get started with Justice U.

Pre-register for the Engage Together® Online Course Series and Certification

Go the next step and earn a digital certification.

Human Trafficking Awareness is the first course of a three-part series, which includes:

  1. Available now! Human Trafficking Awareness (Badge available)

  2. Coming soon! Strategy to End Human Trafficking (Badge available)

  3. Coming soon! My Role to End Human Trafficking (Badge available)

When you complete the full series and earn all three course badges, you will receive the Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness and Strategy Certification.

Pre-register in January for 20% off the regular $50.00 series price. Be sure to forward a copy of your registration to COABE to be included in a raffle for a $500 Amazon gift card.

Learn More and Pre-Register ($40.00)

NOTE: If receiving this message through COABE, be sure to choose COABE on the registration page to note how you heard about the series. 

Looking for more ways to get involved with Justice U?

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For freedom,

AFRJ, Justice U Team, and COABE