2019 State Innovation Award Winner

Distance Learning in Adult Education: How We Built and Scaled a Fully Online Program

Delgado Community College was selected as the recipient of COABE'S prestigious national-level State Innovation of the Year Award. You can attend a special session by Joey Lehrman of Delgado Community College, entitled "Distance Learning in Adult Education: How We Built and Scaled a Fully Online Program." Download the app for more details!

State Innovator of the Year Session Abstract:

Distance learning and educational technologies are quickly changing the educational process for teachers and students alike. The promise of online learning is both real and challenging. In this presentation, we will share our experience building the first fully online adult education program in Louisiana with a view towards how to start small and get online now. We will also discuss trends that are shaping classrooms in the 21st century. Our eLearn distance learning program started in 2014 with a pilot cohort of one teacher and 30 students. We've since grown to a statewide initiative with over 1,000 students served by 40 teachers/coaches at eight partner community colleges. Participants will walk away with an overview of how we build and deliver the classes, how coaching supports the online experience, what the statewide partnership looks like, and lessons we've learned from the past 4 years to help teachers get started online now and administrators consider how to add fully online or hybrid elements to any adult education setting.