Deadlines Coming Soon-Submit a Program Request Today


Submit a Program Request Today!

Dear COABE Members,

Thank you to those who have already submitted FY 2020 program requests to your Congressional delegations.

Each Member has his/her own deadline for these requests by constituents, but many have set a deadline of either this Friday, March 8th or the following Friday, March 15th for submissions.

As a result, if you have not sent in a program request, please do so now. You can find our draft template for your email here.

After receiving your request, some offices will send a reply asking for you to submit a form they have developed in their office for this type of request. If you receive such a form, most of the information you need is contained in our template. Do the best you can to complete the remaining information. Don't be concerned if you can't answer all of the questions on their form; your Members of Congress will not reject your submission if it is incomplete. They are just trying to gain as much information as possible from you in examining which requests they intend to encourage the Appropriations Committee to support.

While there is not a deadline yet in the Senate for FY 2020 program requests, it will be coming up soon, so the sooner the better in submitting requests to your Senators.