Student Ambassador Training Testimonial

adult ed ambassador version 400.jpg

“Please be informed that during the 2019 COABE conference I participated in the Ambassador Training Program. As a former G.E.D. Student, I found the presentation heartwarming and inspiring. After receiving my G.E.D. I attended hundreds of training sessions and was in college for seventeen years working on an associates degree, a bachelors degree, and a masters degree, but I have never taken a class that had as much relevant and potentially society changing information as Ambassador Training. The strategies recommended are detailed and practical. I left the room where the presentation was given with a renewed sense of optimism regarding the effectiveness of adult education. I would like to congratulate everyone associated with developing this program, and I must also thank the presenters Laura Porfirio and Diane Jackson. I am amazed at how well they presented this compelling information. The rest is up to us!”

Chief Charles A. Teale, Sr. (ret.)