WES Global Talent, A New Strand Partner

WES Global Talent Bridge is now a COABE national strand partner. DED immigrants fully use their talents and education in the United States and Canada. Global Talent Bridge partners with national and community-based organizations as well as policymakers to help skilled immigrants leverage their training and achieve their academic and professional goals. As a national strand partner, Global Talent Bridge will work with COABE to support its membership through the provision of information and expertise around developing programs and resources for highly-skilled immigrants.

"We have for years worked to provide tools and resources helpful to practitioners from various segments of the skilled immigrant professional integration field," says Debra Means West, Director Network Development and Knowledge Management at Global Talent Bridge. "I think our work on behalf of immigrants speaks to many of the issues that COABE members care about. We welcome anyone interested in learning more to sign up to receive our newsletter, The Bridge.